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Pilipino-Americans in Social Studies (PASS) is an organization that focuses on fields relating to business, law, the social sciences, and social ecology. PASS is a "community within a community" striving to increase the representation of Pilipinos/Filipinos and other minorities within professional industries while providing a social support network that promotes academic excellence, career development, community involvement, and leadership opportunities for students in the UC Irvine and Pilipino/Filipino communities.

PASS meets every WEDNESDAY at 6PM in the Dr. White Room


PASS operates off of five pillars, learn more about them below!


We believe that minorities belong in the professional workplace, and we want to provide resources for them to get there.


PASS provides programs that stress leadership and practice leadership skills through Mentorship, Internship, and High School Outreach.


PASS hosts study hours and peer tutoring to help members of the organization become better organized and excel in their academic career here at UCI.


Projects to give back to the community are scattered through the year and give members multiple ways to get involved in the community.

Social Support

Being one of the smaller orgs on campus, we pride ourselves in our "tight knit" atmosphere and small family dynamic. We try to strenthen this through our social activities and workshops to better support each other.


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High School Outreach


Throughout the year, PASS holds meetings at 6PM at the Dr.White Room, but also have special events that happen throughout the year, check out what we have planned for you below!

  • October 03, 2018

    First General Meeting

    Come join us for our first general meeting and learn more about us and what we are planning to do throughout the year!

  • November 2018

    Mentorship Reveals

    Apply to be a mentor or mentee and be paired by our wonderful counseling director! More information coming soon!

  • November 2018

    ComPASSion Project

    Each year PASS holds the ComPASSion Project, where our great community director picks a theme that gives back to the community and hosts it throughout the year! More information coming soon!

  • November 11, 2018

    Justice For Filipino-American Veterans (JFAV)

    Every veteran's day, PASS teams up with Alyansa Mga Kababayan to protest and gather support for Filipino Veterans who are not supported by the United States government, join us in this historical event this veteran's day!

  • Winter 2018

    General Member Retreat

    Every winter PASS hosts a retreat for all of their members to get together, bond, have fun, and make long lasting connections! This is definitely one of the highlights of the year and not worth missing out!

  • February 2019

    Conference for Asian Pacific Pre-Professionals

    This conference is held every year to let members of PASS and the UCI community connect to professionals in the different industries and inspire them. Hear speakers from Law firms to Blizzard Entertainment talk about their career paths and how you could get started!

  • May 2019

    HSO One Day

    Interested in High School Outreach but couldn't make it to their program? look no further than HSO One Day, this event is when high schoolers come out to UCI and PASS members lead them around campus and show them their experience at UCI and even how a day is like!

  • June 2019

    End of The Year Banquet/Bonfire

    The last events of the year is a banquet and bonfire to reminisce all meetings and bonds that you created through the year!

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PASS Board 2018-2019

Tim Yambao

External Vice President

Caitlyn Francisco

Internal Vice President

Jon Dy

Financial Vice President

C.Jae Villamin-De Leon

Academics & Administrative

Keila Reyes

High School Outreach Co-Director

Rochelle Cruz

High School Outreach Co-Director

Raphael Garcia

Social Development Director

Abbie Enriquez

Marketing & Publicity Director

Mia Yuen

Community Director

Christelle Cadang

Counseling Director

Jesse Agpawa

Alumni Liaison


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